Costume Week - May 13-18

Dancers will try on and take home their costumes along with an information packet. For dancers under age 10, please have a parent or guardian attend the last 30 minutes of class for costume instructions.

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal


Dress Rehearsal will be held at the Carlmont Performing Arts Center, 1400 Alameda De Las Pulgas, Belmont. Please meet in the auditorium for instructions when you arrive. Dancers must bring all costumes, accessories, tights, shoes and socks to dress rehearsal. Dancers should arrive promptly with hair and makeup done, and no jewelry. Dancers should wear appropriate undergarments and regular dancewear to warm up and run finales. After we run our finales, dancers will change into their show costumes. The dress rehearsal routine order will be posted at the theatre in each dressing room. Please check the order to determine which costume to change into (for dancers who are performing in more than one class).

At the Dress Rehearsal ONLY, we run the finale FIRST. This way, your dancer may leave once they have finished rehearsing all their routines.

Please stay with your younger dancers – we do not have chaperones for this event.


All dancers are expected to arrive with hair and makeup completed and any nail polish or jewelry removed. Dancers must bring their own hair and makeup supplies for touch ups or hair changes. Costumes should be brought to the theater in their garment bags. Please do not wear costumes prior to arriving as food or drinks can easily spill, or costumes may get caught on something and tear. All undergarments must be hidden or not worn.

ALL dancers are to remain backstage throughout the entire show, regardless of their age (younger dancers will be with adult chaperones). 

Please see "Dancer show schedule" for view which shows and rehearsals your dancer is scheduled in.

The show orders for each day will be posted our website under the June Show tab as well as in the dressing rooms during the show weekend.

Rehearsal Times

Thursday, June 13th

- 4:00-5:30 PM Age 4-7 classes

(Pre-Ballet, Adv. Pre-Ballet, Jr. Jazz/Tap, Tiny Tap, Tiny Tumbling, Mini Hip Hop)

- 6:00-11:00 PM Level I-V classes

Shows Times

Friday, June 14th

- Evening Show 7:00pm (2.5hr approximate run time)

  Dancers must arrive at 6:00pm


Saturday, June 15th

- Matinee 2:00pm (1.5hr approximate run time)

  Dancers must arrive at 1:00pm

- Evening Show 7:00pm (2.5hr approximate run time)

  Dancers must arrive at 6:00pm


Sunday, June 16th

- Matinee 2:00pm (1.25hr approximate run time)

  Dancers must arrive at 1:00pm

Dressing Room Assignments & Pickup

ALL DANCERS: Must arrive 1 hour prior to show time with hair and makeup done. Upon arrival, dancers should proceed to the check-in table in their dressing room. We will have signs directing dancers to the correct rooms for check-in.

**Dancers ages 4-7 and dancers in level 1 and 2 classes will be assigned a chaperone to stay with throughout the show. All parents must leave the dressing room no later than 6:30pm on Friday and Saturday night, and 1:30pm on Saturday and Sunday day.


DANCERS WITH CHAPERONES – AGE 4-7 and LEVELS 1 & 2: Once directed to your dancer’s dressing room, parents should help their child put on his/her costume but must leave the room 30 minutes prior to the show beginning. Dancers will remain with chaperones throughout the entire show to ensure their safety and that they are present for the final bow. If your dancer has multiple dances, chaperones can help your child change, lead them to our staff for hair changes, and will direct them to the proper group following their performance.

Some parents bring coloring books or other quiet activities for their children to keep them occupied while not performing, however, snacks are not allowed in the dressing room area. 

After the finale, all dancers return to the dressing room, where 1 parent may go to pick up their dancer. Please only have 1 parent pick up your child at the end of the show as too many parents in the room can make the process hectic. Dancers should be picked up at the check-in table in their dressing room. Dancers under age 10 will not be released unless picked up by a parent or responsible guardian.


LEVELS 3-5, TEEN AND COMPETITION DANCERS: Volunteers/staff will be there to assist with quick changes of costumes and hair, but otherwise these dancers must be self-sufficient (no parent help). Dancers must bring their own hair and makeup supplies.

BOYS: All boys will go to the BOYS DRESSING ROOM – there will be a sign on the door, located behind stage right of the theatre. There will be a chaperone in this room during the shows to supervise younger dancers and assist with any costume changes. Boys must remain in this room for the entire show. Boys may bring something to do during the show while they are not performing but may not eat food in the dressing room.

Auditorium Rules

There is no food, drink, or gum (water is okay) allowed in the theater, backstage, or in any dressing room areas. Dancers who bring snacks may eat in the lobby or outside the performing arts center but should not be in costume while eating. We will have food monitors enforcing this rule at each show. Please have your dancer eat a full meal before arriving.


For the safety and protection of our dancers, there is no photography or videography allowed in the theater with phones or cameras of any kind. If you are not following this rule, you may be asked to leave the theatre. Professional DVDs and photos of the shows are available for purchase with forms available in studio office, online, or at the show. Please do your best to stay seated through the entire show; if you must leave, please do so between dances.


Please do not park or drop off/pick up in any red zones or on curbs.

Required Shoes

Dance shoes may be purchased at any dancewear store if needed. We recommend Dance Theatre Shop in Downtown San Mateo or through our online store set up with Curtain Call (link below).  

Acro & Tiny Tumbling:   Barefoot

Pre-Ballet & Adv. Pre-Ballet I-II:   Full sole pink ballet shoes

Ballet I-II:   Full sole pink ballet shoes

Ballet III-V & Teen:   Split sole pink ballet shoes

Contemporary:   Barefoot

All Hip Hop (Excluding Beginning Teen, Advanced & Beginning Saturday)  White sneakers 

Hip Hop Beg. Teen: Combat boots (provided)

Hip Hop Adv: Black sneakers

Hip Hop Beg Sat: Black sneakers

Jr. Jazz/Tap:   Girls - black patent leather Mary-Jane tap shoes, Boys - Black Oxford tap shoes

Jazz I-II:   Full sole tan jazz shoes (split sole is okay)

Jazz III-V & Teen:   Split sole tan jazz shoes (Excluding: Jazz III Teen)

Jazz III Teen: Black jazz shoes

Lyrical I:   Tan foot undeez/ paws

Lyrical II:   Tan foot undeez/ paws or turners

Lyrical III-V & Teen:   Tan turners

Tiny Tap:   Girls - Black patent leather Mary-Jane tap shoes, Boys - Black Oxford tap shoes

Tap I-II:   Girls - Black Mary-Jane tap shoes (non-patent leather), Boys - Black Oxford tap shoes

Tap III-V & Teen:   Black Oxford tap shoes

Girls Hair & Makeup


Samples of makeup will be available to look at in the studio office and makeup tutorials are available below.


All female dancers in Age 4-7 classes (under Level I)

  • Lipstick – L’Oreal “Matte Moiselle Pink”, Revlon “Kissable Pink”, or Maybelline “Pink & Proper”

  • Blush – Cover Girl “Rose Quartz” or “Rose Silk”

  • Mascara - Black


All female dancers in Level I-V classes, including competition

  • Foundation

  • Blush – Dark pink (Maybelline “Rose” or Cover Girl “Iced Plum”)

  • Eyeshadow – Dark brown smokey eye (Covergirl “Nudes” Pallette, Maybelline “Designer Chocolates” or “Natural Smokes”)

  • Eyeliner – Black

  • Eyelashes – Ages 10 and under, heavy mascara or false eyelashes – Ardell 110 or Demi Lashes.

Ages 11+, False eyelashes Ardell 105 or similar Wispies.

  • Lipstick – Maybelline “Divine Wine”, Revlon “Bombshell Red” or similar dark red



All hair must be off the face – no bangs! A list of required hairstyles can be downloaded below. Hair tutorials are also available below.


A high ballet bun requires all hair (including bangs) to be pulled up high on the head. Start by wetting all hair, using lots of gel or style holding product. Pull up all hair into a tight, high ponytail. This should sit at the top of the head. Then the hair can be twisted into a bun and secured well with bobby pins. An invisible hair net (available at CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid) and bobby pins can then cover the loose ends or hairs not fitting in the bun. Pins, elastics, etc. should match hair color. Hairspray can be used to finish and set the hair.


All dancers requiring a hair change must bring their own brushes and hair nets in a bag with their name on it to all shows.

NO jewelry or nail polish!
No visible underwear or bra straps with costumes - undergarments must be hidden!

Eye Makeup Tutorials

Hair Tutorials

Show Photos and Videos
Professional photographer, Jeff Bartee, will be at each dress rehearsal to photograph the routines. He will also take some group shots as well. We will send out a link to view and purchase photos sometime after the show.
Professional videographer, Tom Adams, will be at the Friday 7pm, Saturday 7pm, and Sunday 2pm shows and will have DVD/Blu-Ray discs as well as digital videos available to order. Video order forms can be found below and at each show.
Program Ads
Promote your business or wish your dancer good luck through HeartBeat's show programs! 
We happily promote local businesses through the show programs that are passed out during all four of our annual June recitals located at the Carlmont Performing Arts Center.
These programs are printed in full color and seen by an average of 2,000+ potential customers.
We also enjoy providing an extra special way for HeartBeat families to congratulate their dancers. These shoutouts are a fun and sentimental way to surprise your dancer with a keepsake memory of their dance performance! 

Volunteers, we need you!

There's no way we could put on a successful performance without our amazing volunteers!

We give our special volunteers access to purchase tickets 1 week prior to the general public! and some volunteer positions include watching for free!


The volunteer positions listed below are what we still need help with. To sign up, please let our office staff know or click below!


  • Chaperones: Chaperones take care of a group of dancers back stage during one of the performances. Each level 2 and under class needs at least two chaperones, especially the little ones. The chaperones are with their assigned group from the time the dancers are dropped off to when the performance is over.

We reserve a seat in the audience for chaperones to watch their dancer perform their routine during the show that they are chaperoning (free of charge).


  • Stage Crew “Prop Movers”: A great job for the Dads or brothers! You are backstage the whole show, moving props from back stage to the stage. It keeps you busy, and you still get to see your beautiful dancer perform (free of charge)!


  • U-Haul Truck Drive & Prop Loading: On Sunday, pick up U-Haul truck at Belmont U-Haul location, drive to CHS to load, drives to HBDA to unload and drive back to Belmont U-Haul. Prop loaders help load and unload props into truck.

Still have questions? Please view our Show FAQ's or contact our office staff.