CLASSES ARE ONGOING 9/7/21 - 6/11/22



HeartBeat classes are ongoing from September through June. Tuition is charged on the 1st of every month from the time of registration through June. Dancers may register at any time during the month, between September and January. 

**Tuition is not prorated for starting late in the month. You will be charged full tuition for the month that you register in. If you register after the last class of the month takes place, tuition will be applied to the upcoming month.

For example, enrolling in a Tuesday Jazz class:

- If you register between the first and last Tuesday of September, you will be charged September tuition.

- If you register after the last Tuesday of September, the charge will be applied to October tuition, and your dancer will start in October. 

Tuition is calculated based on an annual fee for the calendar year which is divided into 10 monthly installments. Monthly installments are automatically charged on the 1st of every month and require a credit card on file with Auto-Pay.


1. Login or create an account to the parent portal

2. Add a credit card (set up Auto Pay)

3. Register for classes! Select the checkboxes for the classes you wish to register for, then click the green "Finish Registration Now" button to complete your registration.

** Returning HBDA Families - this is a new system, but you will already have an account. Please "forget password" to login.


30 min class: $50/ month  ($46.50 Belmont Resident)

45 min class: $70/ month  ($65.10 Belmont Resident)

60 min class: $87/ month  ($80.91 Belmont Resident)

60 min (2x/week) class: $174/ month  ($161.82 Belmont Resident)

75 min (2x/week) class: $200/ month  ($186 Belmont Resident)


$35 Annual Registration Fee (per dancer)

In Partnership with the City of Belmont

Belmont residents receive a 7% discount on tuition


"After Four is Free" Dancers may take unlimited classes after enrolling in four paid weekly classes. Please enroll in all your classes, the system will update tuition accordingly.


  • Dancers may trial up to two different classes and are limited to one trial per class

  • We do not prorate tuition for trial classes, dancers pay full tuition for the month they register in

  • Scheduling a trial does not confirm your dancer's place in the class, the only way to secure your spot is to register 

  • To schedule a trial or evaluation for a level II+ class, please submit a Placement Request Form

To sign up for a trial, login or create an account in the parent portal and click "register for classes", then you should see the option to schedule a trial for whichever week works best for you. 


We will contact you by email in the event that a space opens up. If we do not hear back from you within a week, the spot will be offered to the next eager dancer on the waitlist.


  • Refunds are not issued for the $35 Registration Fee, late cancellations, missed classes of any reason or holidays.

  • To cancel a class at anytime, please email by the 25th of the month before your next billing month (excluding December, which we must be notified by the 15th).  

  • To transfer to another class, please email us with your transfer request. If the class is open and your dancer is eligible, we will process the transfer and the system will update your tuition.


  • Due to new covid check-in procedures, dancers may not attend class if they arrive more than 10 minutes late.  

  • Makeup classes are available via Zoom only at this time. If a dancer misses a class for any reason, we encourage them to attend class via Zoom that day or use the recorded version at an alternate time. All classes will be recorded via Zoom and kept for up to 1 month. Dancers may also attend a makeup in a same or lower level class. If you would like to schedule an alternate makeup or need the link to access a previously recorded class, please email us!   *We do not prorate for missed classes, late registrations or holidays.

  • All dancers are expected to arrive to each class in proper dress code and hair pulled back. Dancers are expected to arrive to class on time and ready to warm up. No gum, cell phones, or disruptive behavior are allowed. Respect for the teachers, staff, dancers, and one's self are expected at all times. VIEW DRESS CODE


  • For Dance Discovery classes, family members are welcome to watch the first and last day of classes.  For all other classes, we do not allow parents, friends or visitors to stay in the dance room or outside class area as it can become distracting or uncomfortable for our dancers. If you have any concerns, please let us know.  Parents and visitors may always watch through the window or from a distance outdoors.