Ages 3-7

We believe the pre-school years in a child's development are critical years. Care is taken to not only teach correct skills but also to instill a love for dance and music. Our classes teach musicality and large motor and listening skills in addition to basic dance technique. We do this with a positive, fun, and creative approach to engage the dancers and help to foster a love for dance. Care is taken to place dancers in the appropriate level class, not only by age but also by their own development.

Ballet & Pointe

Ballet helps to instill a grace and proper placement in all forms of dance. Dancers will learn classical ballet steps and movements emphasizing proper form, placement, alignment, and terminology. Dancers may be required to stay in a level for more than one year if more development is needed. 


A dance acrobatics class that focuses on developing acrobatic skills required in so many dance styles today. Classes will also be focusing on injury prevention and strength building. All tumbling is done utilizing floor mats for dancers safety. Classes sizes are limited to also ensure dancers safety. Classes are one hour long.


This one hour class is for experienced dancers only, ages 10 and up. This class will focus on building strength, endurance, and flexibility. It will also focus on learning and developing skills required for more advanced turn and leap sequences.

Hip Hop

A Dance form that utilizes some of the latest moves that are now popular and featured on TV and dance videos. All classes are one hour long.


A popular style of dance that has evolved over the years to include different styles of jazz dance. All classes are one hour long.


A popular style of dance that has been around for many years. Classes will focus on solid tap technique foundation, honoring and respecting the past while keeping current with today's style and technique. All classes are one hour long.

Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical/Contemporary dance is a beautiful dance form that utilizes ballet, jazz, and modern styles to express music through dance. It is based on ballet movements set to more contemporary music. Dancers will learn proper form and alignment through our warm up exercises. All classes are one hour long.


Modern Dance is an expressive form of movement. It requires a strong ballet foundation and then pushed those limitations by incorporating the deliberate use of gravity, challenging movement off the center line, and layering in gestures and basic human movement to ultimately expose intense emotion and create art.  This class includes many classical modern techniques including Graham, Limon, Cunningham and Horton blended with the instructor's own personal style.   


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